Swiss Secret to Optimal Health

Swiss Secret to Optimal HealthIt has been ages since I posted here. So much going on in my life that I didn’t find the time nor the energy to post something. Not that I stopped cooking – I don’t think I will stop, one day, to be honest. But I am embarking on one of the biggest trip of my life. A trip with no return and full of promising miracles. A difficult and challenging trip, but tasty at the same time. Not always, though.

In August, my husband found out a few spots on his liver. Spots? Well, to be honest, doctors called it metastasis. A word hard to swallow, I know. Another scan found the source: pancreas. Two biopsies latter, the verdict: pancreatic cancer (adenocarcinoma) with liver metastasis. Is that possible to get even worse? It seems that yes, it is. So, an endoscopy found out some very scary veins in his stomach, caused by the tumor compressing another important vein, I guess, under the pancreas. I started feeling that I was on an anatomy class…

Despair, sadness, and so many tears after hearing that there is no cure for such cancer, that he is on a stage 4, the last one, and that it was not operable! One day, almost miraculously, I realized that he is still here with us, still ‘healthy’ overall, and that it was not fair to grief before it was really time to grief. But, could I do something?

It was then when a dear friend told me about another friend. This friend had a lymphoma, without any response to chemotherapy but total response to natural ways of treatment. This person is without any signs of cancer for three years and counting.  Natural ways? Are you kidding me? I DEFINITELY want to know more about it!

An email later – with a precious list of books, a naturopath and an acupuncturist phone numbers -, I was absolutely immersed in this new world of cancer, daily life, healthy habits, environmentally friendly home (cleaners, beauty product, you name it) etc. By the way, I don’t use nasty cleaners in the house or on myself for a long time! And my son eat most organic since he was born – unfortunately, not in his daycare. But I was far from perfection, as I learned the hard way.

I should mention another person that when she found out about the news, she sent me two brief emails. The assistant of a friend/client, this person met me once in life and changed my life completely with these two lines… One of them saying ‘cancer will not live in an alkaline body’ and the other telling me about ‘pau d’arco’ tea. Things are getting complicated here.

One of the books from the list my friend’s friend sent me – and the first one I bought – was exactly about… an alkaline diet! The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health, by Dr. Thomas Rau. And there started my trip into an entire new world of foods and combinations. Anxious and with no time to lose, we started a two weeks detox diet before my husband’s first round of chemo. On the first day, I had the worst headache of my life. After that, just great things happened to me, including a full night’s sleep, not being hungry like before and coffee-free (for almost four weeks now!). I also lost some weight, but that was not my first intention anyway…

Hang in there. I will keep adding to my journey soon. Namastê.

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