Our trip to Brazil is over and it was wonderful! It was not how I had envisioned it but it was certainly perfect – as perfect as it can be. We brought the ashes to Brazil and Ricardo’s family had the opportunity to say good-bye. We gave them the gifts and I am sure they enjoyed it. And the time spent with his family was a happy one – they were certainly happy to see Ian.

Helena and Ian

Ian got a stomach bug while there and this made me change some plans. I also changed due to the rain and we ended up not spending the night up at the mountain. So, changing the dates also interfered with his friends’ plans and most of them decided not to hike up. But Rogerio was there and I gave him the ashes, so he could scattered them for us.

Yes, I didn’t go all the way up. Ian was still sick on Sunday morning but we hiked two hours up with him wanting to go down. At the first scenic part of the trail, Ian scattered part of the ashes and said good-bye to Daddy once again. We headed down. They went up: six friends. A small group. Exactly how Ricardo wanted it! (Pictured below, Nelson, Miguel, Fernando, Nick and Rogerio – Cris was taking the picture)
It was windy on the summit and Ricardo’s ashes went flying with the wind. Everybody scattered a bit of his ashes and Fernando saved some to scatter on the garden of his home, where I married Ricardo and lived for two years prior to moving to Canada.


I spent the afternoon with Vivianne and Ian and we visited their house. Ian was very interested about our life in that house and it was a fun afternoon that I couldn’t have planned. The spontaneity was perfect and fitted the purpose very well. I believe Ian had the so important closure and I had it too. I was a bit sad for not being able to go all the way to the top, but I knew Ricardo was in VERY good hands.

After this event, we went to Paraty for a couple of days. Back to Rio and some of its things that I miss: Ipanema Beach, local food, friends and family. We are back in Canada for a week now and life is sort of going back to normal. And I believe I am following Ricardo’s advice: ‘Give yourself a chance to be happy. You deserve it!’ Thanks, Ricardo. I am happy and life is good…

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